A Mouthpiece for Snoring and Mild Sleep Apnea

12/02/2014 03:22

Is there a mouthpiece that works against sleep apnea as well as snoring? The answer is yes, there is one. This mouthpiece is called the good morning snore solution. It is a tongue stabilizing device that completely stops snoring and works well with sleep apnea.

The design is very simple, in fact, it is so simple that when you see it, you may think that how can it possibly work? Don't let the design fool you though, it simply works. The mouthpiece works by pulling your tongue so that it won't fall back when you are asleep. Snoring is caused by blocked airways that lead to air passing through and causing a vibration. With the tongue pulled forward, air is free to pass so there won't be any vibration.

The good morning snore solution is a very comfortable mouthpiece that has lots of advantages over the typical mandibular advancement splints. For one, the size fits anyone, no need to have it custom fit. Another advantage is easy cleaning. Most splints are not easy to clean because of their design but with this particular mouthpiece, cleaning is very easy because of the simplicity of the design.

There are however some disadvantages when using it, same as with all mouthpieces. The first one is the soreness of the tongue. This happens when you first use it because you need to get used to it first. Most people that have used it reported that there are minor tongue soreness but it goes away with regular use. Another problem is that it falls out when you are sleeping. Again, this is normal and once you have adjusted, these problems will go away and you will have a good night's sleep, as well as your partner, if you have one, because snoring is reduced significantly.

The mouthpiece is reasonably priced and with its high quality materials, it is certainly worth owning.